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In the art field there has long been a debate regarding craft as art.  Many feel that craft is not a fine art and does not deserve recognition as an art, that somehow the use of paint and canvas make an object more valuable than the use of glass or textile.  For me it all boils down to intent.  If your intent is to merely craft an object using learned techniques, then no, craft is not art.  However, if your goal is to challenge or reveal an intrinsic truth related to art, design, or humanity, then yes.  Craft is art.

I am an artist and designer living in Richmond, Virginia.  I have a wide array of artistic interests ranging from craft, design, and the culinary arts.  I began college at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA studying architecture.  I decided I wanted a more hands on approach to art and received my BFA in fashion design from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA.  I continued my education at Rochester Institute of Technology School for American Craft, in Rochester, NY, where I received my MFA.  While I was at RIT, I fell in love with the process of hammering and the transference of energy that happens when I beat up metal.  The textures and forms that I achieve while hammering continue to be important design elements in my work.

I currently work out of my metal studio as artist-in-residence at Grayhaven Winery in Gum Spring, Virginia.  I still work in the field of fashion and design in my textile studio, making hand-dyed fabrics and scarves, as well as custom sewing and design jobs for clients.  I continue to pass on my love of the arts while teaching classes at Crossroads Art Center in Richmond, VA.  My one-of-a-kind metal work draws inspiration from nature—flora, fauna, and human.  I see my creations as three-dimensional poetry.  I am available to create custom garments and metal work for you.

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